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Jordanian State visit to Netherlands postponed

It has been announced this week that the proposed visit of King Abdullah of Jordan and his wife Queen Rania to the Netherlands in November has been postponed by mutual agreement between the two countries. As mentioned on Royal Central, this was going to be first visit of a ruling monarch from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan since 2006, when their majesties were invited by the then Queen Beatrix.

There has been no indication that the delay has been caused by any serious rift between the two countries, or any possible terror threats which also cannot be discounted with the valuable work that Jordan has done both in engaging in anti-ISIS activity within the region also sheltering refugees who have fled the fighting in Syria.

King Abdullah and Queen Rania are close friends of many of the European royal families, and only last year visited Belgium. Although, Royal visits usually only last 3 to 4 days a great deal of preparation work has to be completed and who knows where any problem could have arisen which has caused the visit to be postponed, though we can see from the language used that it is clear the visit will be rescheduled and probably sooner rather than later.

Although an itinerary for the visit had not been released it had been rumoured that Princess Beatrix may have attended a State Banquet where a number of the Netherlands Royal Family would have been present. As one of the aims of the visit was closer economic ties between the two countries I am sure that we will soon see an indication both as to when the postponed visit will be rescheduled and an itinerary as to what will be on the programme for the Royal party.

However, to ensure that you keep up to date on news of the rescheduled visit please keep looking at Royal Central for the latest news.

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