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Is Princess Madeleine teaming up with Princess Mabel?

Princess Madeleine and Princess Mabel van Oranje have some common features. Next to the fact that they are both princesses living in London, they have a shared interest in and are advocating for children rights. Now it seems like they might be working together in the near future.

Princess Madeleine has recently shared a picture on her Facebook page of Princess Mabel talking at a dinner reception. Princess Madeleine attended the reception of “Girls not Brides” earlier this week. Princess Mabel van Oranje was there to talk about the importance of ending child marriage. The dinner reception was held in London where they both live.

"Girls not Brides" Reception with Princess Mabel (left) - Photo via Princess Madeleine on her Facebook Page

“Girls not Brides” Reception with Princess Mabel (left) – Photo via Princess Madeleine on her Facebook Page

Princess Madeleine has always shown a keen interest in children rights. She has worked for the World Childhood Foundation (WCF) in New York and is still involved in some of the campaigns. The WCF strives to end child abuse and make sure that every child has a happy childhood. As Princess Madeleine has said before: “Every child deserves to feel happy, feel safe, feel loved and have a home.” The Princess has talked at numerous occasions to advocate for children rights. Thus it doesn’t come as a surprise that the princess is also taking an interest in ending child marriages.

Princess Mabel van Oranje is the wife of the late Prince Friso van Oranje, brother of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. Her husband Prince Friso passed away after a ski accident in 2013. The young mother of two  still lives in London. Mabel van Oranje is Chair of the Board of Trustees of “Girls not Brides”. Girls Not Brides is a global partnership of more than 600 civil society organisations from over 80 countries committed to ending child marriage and enabling girls to fulfil their potential. Princess Mabel travels around the world to talk about “Girls not Brides” and to end child marriage.

Now it seems like the two women could be undertaking joint action against child marriage and for children rights. In March of this year, Princess Madeleine already shared an article about “Girls not Brides” on her Facebook page stating: “Congratulations Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau for your work to end child brides around the globe.” And this week Princess Madeleine seemed to have attended a dinner reception of the organisation. It would be no surprise if the two Princesses would be teaming up to end child abuse in the near future.

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