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Dutch Royal Family holds annual winter photo session

The Dutch Royal Family held their annual winter photo session in Lech, Austria, yesterday morning where temperatures hit -20°C.

King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima, 14-year-old Princess of Orange, Amalia, 12-year-old Princess Alexia and ten-year-old Princess Ariane posed in the sunny but frigid weather at 2.362 metres above sea level at the Rüfikopf before the press. The Royal House of the Netherlands later released three images on their official website. The photos, copyright of the Government Information Service (RVD), were taken by ANP.

King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima, Princess Amalia, Princess Alexia and Princess Ariane in Lech on 26 February 2018. Image © RVD – photographer: ANP

The three photos feature one full family picture, one of the three girls and one of Their Majesties. Princess Ariane seems to be doing well from her broken wrist she suffered a couple of weeks ago with no cast visible under her thick gloves. On 15 February, the Royal House announced that she had broken it while ice skating and would be in a cast. The RVD made it clear then that Her Royal Highness would still be able to go Lech and participate with her family. Camera crews asked how Ariane was doing, and the Princess gave them a thumbs up in a sign that she is feeling better. The King told the press that the wrist for Ariane was “going well,” and the Queen added, “She can still ski so that’s really great!”

Princess Ariane, the Princess of Orange and Princess Alexia. Image © RVD – photographer: ANP

While photographers were taking pictures of the Queen with the A-Team (as Their Majesties have nicknamed their three daughters), one camera crew from Blauw Bloed was filming King Willem-Alexander. He smiled and pointed to his family saying, “You have to film that, that’s much nicer!”

The owners of the hotels and other tourist spots in Lech remarked that they were thrilled with the “wonderful advertising” provided to the resort town each year thanks to the annual photocall.

Their Majesties on 26 February in Lech. Image © RVD – photographer: ANP

In the past, the King’s mother, Princess Beatrix has joined them before the press, as has the King’s brothers, sisters-in-law and nieces and nephew. The yearly skiing holiday has not always been a happy occasion as Princess Alexia broke her leg two years ago. The most notable tragedy for the family on the Austrian slopes occurred in 2012. Prince Friso, the middle child of then Queen Beatrix and the late Prince Claus, was buried under an avalanche for 25 minutes. He died over a year later in August 2013 from the injuries sustained in February 2012. Willem-Alexander had become King in April of that year after the abdication of his mother who reverted back to the style of Princess upon relinquishing the throne.

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