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Duke and Duchess of Parma present son during Piacenza Mass

The Duke and Duchess of Parma presented their infant son during a Mass in Piacenza, Italy, today, ahead of his baptism. Born on 24 April 2016 in The Hague, Carlos, Hereditary Prince of Parma is the third child of the Duke and Duchess and the younger brother of Princesses Luisa and Cecilia. He is the heir to the Headship of the House of Bourbon-Parma and will one day become the titular Duke of Parma and Piacenza.

The current Duke of Parma is the son of the late Carlos Hugo, Duke of Parma and Princess Irene of the Netherlands and is first cousin to King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. The King, Queen Maxima and their children will attend the baptism today by the Bishop of Parma, Enrico Solmi at Parma Cathedral. King Willem-Alexander will become godfather to the young prince.

In 1996, by royal order, the four children of Princess Irene were included into the Dutch nobility and given the title Prince(ss) of Bourbon-Parma with Royal Highness as style of address. The title can be inherited in the male line.

The Duke of Parma has an illegitimate son from a previous relationship who has applied to take on his father’s surname. The Dutch Nobility law from 1994 offers illegitimate children of nobility a right to the title that goes along with the surname. The Dutch Secretary of Security and Justice overruled the Duke of Parma’s objections to the change on 9 March, and the name change to ‘de Bourbon de Parme’ will soon be announced by royal decree. The Duke’s son will now become His Royal Highness Prince Hugo Roderik Sybren of Bourbon- Parma.

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