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Protestors interrupt Prince Albert’s visit to Quebec City

On Tuesday, as His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco was visiting the National Assembly in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, hundreds of striking government attorneys and notaries demonstrated outside of the building.

Close to 1,100 government lawyers and notaries have protested in the streets for the past few weeks demanding that an arbitrator evaluates their working conditions and salaries instead of the government. Many feel that the government has ignored them. They have been without a collective agreement since March of 2015.

His Serene Highness was in Quebec to attend an event for the Arctic Circle on sustainable development. He was also there to sign a partnership agreement with the province.

Premier Philippe Couillard has spoken out regarding the protests to apologise to the Prince of Monaco. According to the Montreal Gazette, the Premier said to the Prince, “I’m sorry for this protest, which has nothing to do with your visit.”

The demonstrators almost blocked Prince Albert’s motorcade, and Canadian press has said this is the “rowdiest they’ve been since the strike began eight weeks ago.”

He would later tell reporters, “I find it regrettable to expose a foreign dignitary to this kind of loud protest. I don’t think it helps anybody’s cause, but it’s part of what a democratic society is.”

After his visit to Canada, Prince Albert travelled to San Fransisco, California, USA for the American Geophysical Union’s (AGU) Fall Meeting. Regarding climate change, His Serene Highness expressed his irritation with those who deny climate change exists.

He said, “I really don’t understand why there are still so many people out there that want to deny the changes that are happening. We have to come to terms with the fact that we are facing some severe challenges ahead if we don’t move toward a low-carbon economy.”

He further explained that approximately 97% of climate researchers agree that it is occurring and that people must start believing the majority instead of the 3% minority who argue against the occurrence of climate change. He emphasised that the world needs to move toward a more low-carbon economy.

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