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Princess Stéphanie of Monaco becomes godmother of….an elephant

Her god…elephant resides in Belgium

Do not exit your browser. You read that correctly: Princess Stéphanie of Monaco is the godmother of an elephant.

Her god…elephant is named Ta Wan and lives in the Pairi Daiza Zoo in Brugelette, Belgium. The elephant’s godfather is a three-year-old boy named Felix who lives in Erpe-Mere and is battling leukaemia.

Princess Stéphanie cares greatly about elephants and has two of her own that live at the private Grimaldi residence, Roc Agel, near Monaco.

“Stéphanie takes great care of them,” her older brother, Prince Albert II, told People magazine earlier this year. He also pointed out that they were supposed to be housed temporarily, but four years later, they are still roaming the backyard of Roc Agel.

The elephants, named Baby and Nepal, are retired circus performers that were scheduled for euthanasia in 2010 due to a – later false – diagnosis of tuberculosis. Following a legal battle that resulted in them planned for euthanasia again, Princess Stéphanie stepped in at the last second with the offer to house them at Roc Agel, with 110 acres for them to roam around.

Princess Stéphanie launched a foundation for the elephants, called the Baby Nepal Association. Its website posts updates about the pair of elephants, noting, “On July 12, 2017, Baby and Nepal celebrated their 4th birthday in Fonbonne, surrounded by many friends and supporters of the association, all delighted to see them in excellent health fulfilled and happy in their new environment.”

Princess Stéphanie is the patron of the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo and dated an elephant trainer in the past.

Back to her god-elephant. Ta Wan was born on 19 September and weighs 170 kilos. Princess Stéphanie visited him on Thursday.

During her visit, she walked around his zoo enclosure, spoke with a few of his caretakers, and took photos of her god-elephant on her iPhone.

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