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Princess Charlene and the twins featured in Paris Match

Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene and Their Serene Highnesses Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella are featured in Paris Match.

Charlene has made sure that her two-year-old twins are her priority. She said that they are “adorable and inexhaustible” leaving her exhausted at times. However, when she gets a chance to break away, during nap time and daycare, the Princess loves to be in or near the water. She has been training for the upcoming inaugural Riviera Water Bike Challenge which will go from Monaco to Nice, France on 4 July. It is sponsored by the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation. Charlene has been preparing for the event by training on a water bike in the Mediterranean Sea. The water bike is mounted in between two pontoon floats.

She told the publication, “When the sea’s strong, it really is very difficult. You put all your energy into passing a wave, and then the floats drag you, you drift, fall back. It sometimes takes 45 minutes to go through a single kilometre! For the race, we’ll have to cover the distance between the principality and Nice, that is to say, 21 kilometres. Fortunately, we’ll be doing this in relay, in teams mingling famous athletes and amateurs.”

Charlene will be organising a dinner on 24 March at the Yacht Club in Monaco where an auction will take place to propose that someone take up the Riviera Water Bike Challenge alongside her.

Her Serene Highness also spoke to Paris Match about her two young children saying, “It’s an incredible age, where they constantly demand you. Living away from me seems unimaginable for them. They want to know everything, to understand everything, to ask me thousands of questions. They also want to try everything and bump into things all the time.”

She then told a story of how when little Gabriella bumped her head on a desk in their home. While Charlene was comforting her daughter, she noticed Jacques over at the desk banging his hands on the table, “I saw Jacques banging away with tight little fists on the desk where she’d hit her head, shouting, ‘Bad table!’ He’s very protective of his sister. And nothing is ever either one’s fault. They support and comfort one another.”

The Princess said that she can spend hours just watching her children play and that they are at an age “when what they live and learn prepares them for the rest of life.”

Princess Charlene went on to explain that she likes to schedule her training around the twins and often brings them with her. She told the publication, “At 2 years, they already know all the swimming pools in the principality where they train with me regularly.”

Her Serene Highness also made sure to mention how proud she is of her namesake foundation. It has helped over 300,000 people in 30 different countries to learn to swim, water safety, and to live a life involved with and valuing sports. You can read more about the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation here.

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