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Prince Albert of Monaco to visit Longjumeau later in 2018

In her New Year address on January 12th, the Mayor of Paris, Sandrine Gelot announced that His Serene Highness Prince Albert of Monaco would be visiting Longjumeau, a commune in the southern suburbs of Paris later this year, possibly June. The Prince has a connection with the town in that one of the many titles the Prince has in addition to the Prince of Monaco is Count Longjumeau.

The visit is, perhaps, lined with the fact the town has recently joined the Association of Historical Grimaldi sites, an organisation formed in 2015 that seeks to link the various fiefdoms spread across France and Italy that have links with the Grimaldi family. A spokesman for the City Council said that the His Serene Highness was interested in visiting places his family and titles have connections with. The council also looked forward to going through the history of Longjumeau with the Prince.

This announcement comes in the same week that Prince Albert unveiled a plaque in Menton celebrating links with the Grimaldi family and the Association as reported in Royal Central. Menton, a French coastal town in the Alpes-Maritimes near San Remo was acquired by Charles Grimaldi in 1346. We can only surmise at this stage as to whether the visit to Longjumeau may also result in a similar plaque being unveiled.

It is clear than HSH Prince Albert is keen to explore the links his ancestors had, with lands in both France and Italy down through the centuries. We can, therefore, look forward to more visits like these in the coming months, and possibly more plaques in the series. In addition to being, the Prince of Monaco and Count Longjumeau, the Prince is also Marquis de Chilly, Duke of Mazarin and Baron Massy. Interestingly, Massy is another suburb of Paris; perhaps he should consider visiting there alongside Longjumeau?

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