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Prince Albert of Monaco talks “Monaco and War” documentary to Monaco Channel

On 1 March, Prince Albert attended the screening of a new documentary titled “Monaco and War” by Frédéric Laurent at the Théâtre Princesse Grace.

The documentary depicts the life in Monaco during the Second World War between 1939 and 1945. It took more than four years to produce, and it is composed of a lot of interviews and images – including some that were never seen before.

“Monaco and War” also aims to educate young people about this period in Monaco with its “educational content and heritage value” according to the Monégasque government’s press release.

At the end of the screening, Prince Albert posed with the director and the interviewees and their family on stage before giving a short statement to Monaco Channel.

Prince Albert said: “I believe that it was important to collect these testimonies, for every generation but also for the generations to come. I think it is important that this part of our modern history is finally expressed with a remarkable effort of research and that even if this history is not flattering for some people, it is the reflection of what really happened and this is what I wanted. I think that in order to come to terms with this part of our history, we have to listen to testimonies like these. So this documentary is really important, very emotional to watch. There were photos I had never seen before, and this was a really remarkable effort, and I want to thank Frédéric Laurent and everyone who worked on this beautiful documentary.”

Prince Albert is very involved in the remembrance of the Second World War in Monaco. In 2015, he unveiled a commemorative stele in memory of Jewish deportees from Monaco. It is for this personal commitment and for his commitment to tolerance that Prince Albert received on 6 March the 2018 European Medal of Tolerance awarded by the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation (ECTR)- a non-governmental organisation founded in Paris in October 2008. Before receiving this distinction, Prince Albert gave the opening speech to the roundtable on ‘Tackling Extremism and Intolerance in a Diverse Society” hosted by ECTR.

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