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Prince Albert of Monaco talks Hollywood stars who used to spend time at the Palace

On 60 Minutes in the United States on Sunday, Prince Albert II of Monaco was the focus. Anderson Cooper flew to the Principality of Monaco and spent time with the Prince at the Prince’s Palace where His Serene Highness spoke of the Hollywood stars that spent time at his swimming pool and talked of the small country’s history as a tax haven.

Prince Albert grew up accustomed to seeing the likes of Hollywood stars at his home as his American mother was an American Academy Award-winning actress. Friends like Kirk Douglas, Gregory Peck, and Frank Sinatra graced the halls and swimming pool.

He fondly recalled, “I remember different parties and different luncheons in the summer; when we’d have Frank Sinatra and Kirk Douglas… Gregory Peck came by.”

His Serene Highness took Cooper to one of the high points of the Palace where people can view almost all of Monaco. Viewers see the many yachts and boats in the harbour of the picturesque country.

The Prince gave his opinion on the famous quote on Monaco which called it “a sunny place for shady people.” His Serene Highness confessed that during a certain period of time, the statement was accurate. However, he added, “Monaco is certainly not a place like that anymore.”

When asked how he felt about the people of Monaco referring to him as the boss, he remarked, “I view it as an endearing term.”

Cooper spoke with various different people from the country about Monaco being a tax haven and a playground of the rich. Monaco resident Steven Saltzman said about the tax haven rumour, “No one here is cheating on their taxes.”

He said people come to Monaco to live in security but also did not deny the lack of income tax being an enticing incentive.

Monaco residents include Formula One driver, Lewis Hamilton; U2 singer, Bono; and racers, Olivier Beretta and David Coulthard. Of course, the most recognisable members of the Monaco population reside in the Prince’ Palace.

The episode can be watched on the CBS website here.

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