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Monégasque Princely Family celebrates National Day

Yesterday, on the 19th of November, Monaco celebrated its National Day. The Monégasque Princely Family stepped out to mark the day with several celebrations.

The Monaco National Day is also known as the Sovereign Prince’s Day and is celebrated on the same day Prince Albert II ascended to the throne in 2005. On the 19th of November 2005, a morning Mass at Saint Nicholas Cathedral presided over by the Archbishop of Monaco formally marked the beginning of the reign of Albert II.

At 9.30 in the morning, Prince Albert, his wife Princess Charlène and his sisters Princess Caroline and Princess Stéphanie reviewed the troops. Prince Albert also awarded some medals and insignia to several members of the honorary troops. Princess Caroline’s children and Princess Stéphanie’s son watched the event from the balcony in the inner courtyard of the Prince’s Palace.

Then, the Princely Family headed to the Saint Nicholas Cathedral. There the traditional Te Deum Mass took place in the presence of all the notables of the principality; Catholicism is the state religion of Monaco. After the solemn mass, the family returned to the Prince’s Palace.

Hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, the two-year-old twins of the Prince and Princess, stole the show when they appeared on the balcony alongside their mother. In the meantime, Prince Albert took salutes in the palace forecourt below from the Carabinieri, Monaco’s soldiers. For the occasion, the 17th Parachute Engineer Regiment saluted the Prince. The Order of the Crown was also awarded to the Carabinieri who celebrated their 20th anniversary. In honour of the anniversary, Prince Albert and his nephews let their moustaches grow. Prince Albert has promised to shave his controversial moustache off on Monday or Tuesday.

Next Prince Albert rejoined his wife and children as they watched a children’s choir sing and the military band play a couple of songs. The military parade also passed by the Palace. The other windows alongside the central window, behind which Albert and Charlene stood, also opened. Princess Stéphanie appeared with two of her children Louis and Pauline Ducruet. Princess Caroline also watched the crowds below with her son Andrea, daughter-in-law Tatiana, son Pierre, daughter-in-law Beatrice, daughter Charlotte and Caroline’s grandchildren Sasha and India Casiraghi and Raphael Elmaleh. Pierre and Beatrice Casiraghi’s son Stefano, who was born in February, didn’t make an appearance during the day.

At 1 pm the Princely Family attended an official lunch in the Throne Room of the Prince’s Palace. At 8 p.m., the family ended the day by attending the Gala Evening and the opera Adriana Lecouvreur. 

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