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Memorial Service to be held on first anniversary of Queen Anne of Romania’s Death

A memorial service is to be held for Queen Anne of Romania to commemorate one year since her death.

The service is to be held today in the New Archbishopric and Royal Cathedral where she is buried.

Queen  Anne of Romania died at the age of 92 last year at the start of August. She passed away in a hospital in Switzerland.

Crown Princess Margareta, the daughter of Queen Anne, will attend the memorial service alongside her husband. Princess Maria, one of Queen Anne’s other daughters, will also attend the service.

The ceremony will be led by Archbishop Calinic of Arges. He will be joined by Cornel Damina, the Assistant Bishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bucharest.

The Romanian Royal Family is Orthodox. Queen Anne, from the house of Bourbon-Parma, retained her Catholic faith.

King Michael of Romania ruled Romania until he was forced to abdicate in a communist takeover. As such, the Romanian Royal Family settled in Switzerland instead.

In 1992, Michael was allowed to visit Romania where he was greeted by huge crowds. He gave a speech which drew in an estimated one million people. As such, the government banned King Michael from returning again until 1997 when the ban was lifted.

During this ban, Queen Anne visited the country on behalf of her husband.

King Michael, who is now 95, will not be able to attend the ceremony. He is currently being treated in Switzerland for leukaemia and is too ill to travel.

While Queen Anne was never crowned due the deposition of the monarchy, upon her death, she received a funeral with full state honours. The day of her funeral, the 13th of August 2016, was declared a national day of mourning.

Moldova also held a day of mourning for Queen Anne. The republic held a moment of silence on the day.

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