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Prince Louis and Princess Tessy of Luxembourg fight over divorce settlement

In January the Grand Ducal Court of Luxembourg announced that Prince Louis and his wife Princess Tessy had decided to file for divorce. Now it has become clear that the Prince and Princess have had some difficulty in reaching a divorce settlement.

Various international media organisations have reported that Prince Louis, son of Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, and Princess Tessy were unable to agree on their divorce settlement. Princess Tessy then decided to go to court. Last week, both Louis and Tessy arrived at the Family Division of the High Court in London for an initial hearing. Much of the hearing was made public even though the press was not allowed to release any details or financial information about the case. It was a High Court judge who imposed interim reporting restrictions, to make sure the media would not share any of the financial details discussed in court.

The hearing became very heated from early on. Last week Princess Tessy was branded a “gold digger” by a Luxembourgish magazine. In court, it was Prince Louis and his entourage who were accused of being behind the negative press on Princess Tessy. Furthermore, Princess Tessy’s legal team claimed that the Prince’s team said he would drag the case on for years if Tessy did not settle soon. Prince Louis became very angry after hearing the accusations and leaned towards Tessy and angrily denied it. His lawyer said: “My client is appalled at this. He has no idea how it came about. We share their disgust and will do anything we can to stop this happening.” Mr Justice MacDonald had to intervene and said to the Prince and Princess: “You are adults and I expect you to act like adults in my courtroom.”

Princess Tessy’s legal team also commented on the reason why the case had to be taken to court. Her counsel said: “My client has no wish to litigate, and she made a very reasonable and sensible proposal. Unfortunately, that proposal was rejected, and my client had no option but to pursue this in litigation.” One of the bottlenecks of the divorce settlement is said to be their house in Kensington, London. The judge will consider the case and organise a new hearing in the near future.

Prince Louis and Princess Tessy met in 2004 during NATO’s peacekeeping force in Kosovo. In 2006 their first son Gabriel was born. Princess Tessy was 20 at the time and Prince Louis only 19-years-old. The couple married six months after the birth of Gabriel. A year later, the pair welcomed their second son, Noah. The Prince and Princess have been living in London for several years now where they both work. The announcement of their divorce came after a marriage of 11 years.

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