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Prince Félix of Luxembourg officially launched ‘Lorgues, Terre de Vins’

Recently, Prince Félix of Luxembourg officially launched the association ‘Lorgues, Terre de Vins’ (Lorgues, of Wines) at Château Les Crostes in the south of France. Prince Félix of Luxembourg is the president of the association.

Prince Félix and Princess Claire have managed the Château Les Crostes vineyard since their wedding in 2013.

‘Lorgues, Terre de Vins’ is an association uniting twelve vineyards (Château l’Arnaude, Château Ste Béatrice, Château de Berne, Château Les Crostes, le Clos d’Alari, Domaine Estello, Château la Martinette, Château Roubine, Domaine des Sarrins, Château Mentone, Château St Foy and Domaine des Aumèdes) from the city and surroundings of Lorgues in order to promote the wine and the terroir as well as oenotourism (wine tourism).

Depending on the vineyards, you can pay for degustations, visits of caves, festivals, concerts, culinary discovery, restaurants, circus and SPAs among others services.

Made In Var TV, which is web television promoting Var terroir and products, posted a video of the event on their Facebook page where you can hear Prince Félix talking about the association and its importance for the city and the region.

Prince Félix said, “Lorgues is the city that unites us. Our goal is to bring the public to Lorgues so that they can understand the beauty of the city and its terroir. We are the city with the most vineyard in Provence. Unity is strength.

“We want to give an active notoriety to Lorgues. Each vineyard brings its personality, we want people to come and share our happiness and our love for this terroir.”

Each vineyard proposes wine degustation as well as activities relate to oenotourism that will be supported and promoted by the association. In order to bring interest, the association created a passport as explained by the Vice President, Valérie Rousselle, “In the name of the city, Lorgues, two letters are important: the ‘O’ and the ‘R’ (or means gold in French. On the logo of the association, the word Lorgues in written in black except for the O and the R, written in gold). The gold of Lorgues are the twelve vineyards. This passport allows you to visit the twelve vineyard, discovering their history and their particularities. Your passport is stamped after each visit, and once you have the twelve stamps, you will receive a surprise from the association.”

The association meets every two months in order to share their different experiences. Future projects include hosting important events in common such as a biennale and a charity event.

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