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Grand Duke Henri visits European Central Bank in Frankfurt

His Royal Highness Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg was in Frankfurt, Germany, yesterday to visit the European Central Bank (ECB). Last night, the Grand Ducal Court released several images to the press from His Royal Highness’s trip.

The Grand Duke with Yves Mersch, Mario Draghi and Gaston Reinesch. © Cour grand-ducale/Luxpress/all rights reserved

President Mario Draghi, in the presence of Mr Yves Mersch, Member of the Executive Board of the ECB and Mr Gaston Reinesch, Governor of the Central Bank of Luxembourg welcomed His Royal Highness to the bank on Tuesday.

His Royal Highness the Grand Duke in conversation with Mr Yves Mersch, member of the Executive Board of the ECB. © Cour grand-ducale/Luxpress/all rights reserved

The Grand Duke accompanied by Peter Praet, Benoît Coeuré and Yves Mersch, members of the Executive Board of the ECB and by Mario Draghi, President of the ECB. © Cour grand-ducale/Luxpress/all rights reserved

According to the Grand Ducal Court, Grand Duke Henri met one-on-one with both President Draghi and Mr Mersch before attending a lunch with Vice President of the ECB, Mr Vitor Constâncio, as well as Benoît Coeuré and Peter Praet, who are both members of
the Executive Board of the ECB.

The group discussed “the prospects for the revival of the European idea and the workings of the ECB in the framework of its tasks set in various treaties,” reported Luxarazzi.

His Royal Highness, the Grand Duke, receives explanations on the security of the banknotes. © Cour grand-ducale/Luxpress/all rights reserved

His Royal Highness was also given the opportunity to see how money is made in the laboratory of the Banknotes Department of the bank and learned about the design of the banknotes which included materials used during production and the anti-counterfeiting devices. He then visited the new visitor’s centre and the ECB’s art collection.

Grand Duke Henri with the President of the ECB, Mario Draghi. © Cour grand-ducale/Luxpress/all rights reserved

© Cour grand-ducale/Luxpress/all rights reserved

Later in the afternoon, Grand Duke Henri attended a reception and dinner in his honour with members of the Luxembourg-Frankfurt Financial Professionals also in attendance.

The Grand Duke will hold audiences in the Grand Ducal Palace in Luxembourg this morning.

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