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Grand Duchess Maria Teresa signs International Call to Action

Her Royal Highness Maria Teresa, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, signed an International Call to Action to show her support for ATD Quart Monde (or ATD Fourth World in English) on Sunday, the 12th of February. She signed it at the Grand Ducal Palace in Luxembourg. The Palace has released three photos from the signing.

The signing was witnessed by the President ATD Quart Monde, Mrs Joëlle Christen; activist, Mrs Astrid Bremer; Vice-President ATD Quart Monde, Mrs Stephania Galantucci; and activist, Mr Christophe Jovet. Her Royal Highness signed the Call to Action after her audience with the four guests.

During the audience. ©2017 Cour grand-ducale /tous droits réservés

According to the Grand Ducal Palace in a press release, the International Call to Action was signed, “to give rise to the launch of the international mobilisation campaign to combat poverty, social exclusion and the dignity of people.”

This appeal of the ATD Quart Monde “calls for all to build a society that takes into account the poorest and most excluded.” The campaign is called “STOP PAUVRETÉ, Agir Tous pour la Dignité“, and the Grand Duchess is one of the first 100 personalities who has signed the appeal. Others who have signed include former chairman of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, Jean Zermatten and former Director of UNESCO, Federico Mayor.

Her Royal Highness also released a statement saying, “I express my gratitude to Father Joseph Wresinski for his 1987 call and his determination to fight poverty and exclusion.”

The Grand Ducal Palace added, “H.R.H. the Grand Duchess expresses her commitment to respect the dignity of every human being, especially the most vulnerable.”

Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess at the signing of the International Call for Action. In the presence of (from left to right) Mrs Joëlle Christen, President ATD Fourth World; Mrs Astrid Bremer, activist; Mrs Stephania Galantucci, Vice-President ATD Fourth World and Mr Christophe Jovet, activist. ©2017 Cour grand-ducale /tous droits réservés

Sunday marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of Joseph Wresinski, who was the founder of ATD Quart Monde. The movement is also celebrating the 60th anniversary of its action against poverty as well as the 30th anniversary of the World Day for the Rejection of Poverty. The World Day for the Rejection of Poverty was created by Joseph Wresinski in 1987.

You can follow this Call to Action here.

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