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King Willem-Alexander pays working visit to The Hague Security Delta

His Majesty King Willem-Alexander made a working visit to The Hague Security Delta (HSD) at The Hague on Thursday, 23 March, where he spoke with representatives involved in HSD and toured the campus to view HSD initiatives.

Recognised as the national innovation centre for safety, the HSD Campus houses 50 of the more than 250 HSD partner organisations working to collaborate on knowledge and innovation in the security field and towards the shared goal of more security and more jobs.

During his visit King Willem-Alexander had the opportunity to meet with the teams behind four different HSD initiatives. The first was the Cyber Security Academy where students can pursue an Executive Masters in Cyber Security for government and industry. The Academy is a joint initiative between the University of Leiden, Delft and The Hague University and the King spoke with students and professors about the challenges they face—maintaining an adequate supply of qualified teachers, preparing for and anticipating the rapid obsolescence of knowledge in the constantly changing security landscape and maintaining the right balance between privacy and security.

The second initiative saw the King meet SAM, a security robot—developed by Robot Security Systems/Lobeco in collaboration with Trigion, TU Delft and users—which can autonomously supervise. With the assistance of investment by HSD and its partners SAM has successfully been deployed in the Port of Rotterdam.

The third initiative was the National Cyber Testbed, a research project on finding ways to make society resistant to cyber attacks as ‘Smart Cities’ and ‘The Internet of Things’ increase. A joint venture between TNO and HSD in consultation with The Hague and the metropolitan area of ​​Rotterdam, the project focuses on growing vulnerabilities to hacking and ways to eradicate them.

The final initiative King Willem-Alexander met with was Sweetie 2.0 – an advanced chat robot developed by Tracks Inspector, Leiden University and Tilburg University whose artificial intelligence makes it a tool for the prevention of child abuse. Its work is done through the use of webcams.

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