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King Philippe joins charity run “Warmathon”

Photo used with permission of @kingphilippepictures via Tumblr

Yesterday, the Belgian radio station “Studio Brussel” kicked off their annual project “de Warmste Week”. “De warmste week” lasts a week, and during this week, the Belgians are collecting money for all kinds of charities. At the same time, radio presenters continue their regular scheduled programming all day and night in Boom, Belgium.

People all over Flanders organise activities and raise money for over 1000 different charities and the radio station “Studio Brussel” collects it all together. “Studio Brussel” has been doing this for several years, and last year the Belgians raised 5.1 million euros.

One of the projects that are organised to raise money is the “Warmathon”. The “Warmathon” is a huge charity run that takes place during a week in six different cities in Belgium. Everyone can register and run laps for charity.

Today, everyone was surprised as a very special guest arrived at the running track. In the late afternoon King Philippe, dressed in a jogging suit, came with his sons Prince Gabriël and Prince Emmanuel and daughter Princess Eléonore at the Atomium in Brussels. The initiators of the “Warmste Week” were very much surprised and “couldn’t believe” that the King showed up with his children to participate. They said it was “absolutely great.”

“Everyone cares for everyone, and that’s something that the Palace understands as well,” said one of the organisers of the week.

King Philippe, followed by three of his children, shook hands with the organisers and various other people running for charity. After that, he and his children started running side by side with the other runners. The King and his children ran a few laps before returning to the Palace. From time to time, the King waved as the crowds next to the running track cheered, and it’s not the first time we’ve seen King Philippe running. He also participated in the 20 kilometres of Brussels in 2013 and 2014.

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