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King Felipe hosts gala dinner to mark centenary of the US Chamber of Commerce in Spain

King Felipe VI of Spain this week attended a special centenary gala dinner for the United States Chamber of Commerce in Spain, which works to foster strong economic ties between the US and Spain. Following a speech form the president of the Chamber, King Felipe took to the stage to say a few words about the work the organisation is currently doing and has done for the past 100 years.

King Felipe began by expressing his thanks for the people and companies involved in the Chamber for their hard work and for all the incredible work that has been done over the past century to make possible the reality of the flagship institution and its purpose: “the promotion and defense of Hispanic-American economic and commercial relations”.

He went on to stress the importance of the US-Spanish relationship: “it is clear that the US has always represented a priority country for the Spanish economic and commercial policy, and that [through the work of this organisation] it has been possible to increase the export volume as well as the base of export companies. In fact, [the US] is the sixth most important destination for our merchandise exports and the first one outside the EU, and the US occupies the fifth place among suppliers to Spain.”

Focusing on recent developments he continued: “during the last 15 years, Spanish companies have made a great strategic commitment to the US market, and about 600 of them have created subsidiaries in the US and generated thousands of stable and high-quality jobs in a wide range of sectors, highlighting financial services or the supply of energy, both conventional and renewable. Spanish companies show their firm commitment to the development of solid and stable projects with a vocation for permanence in the US, establishing very close ties in the communities where they develop their activity.”

The kind concluded his remarks with a focus on a positive future, saying: “the Spanish and American economies should continue working together, strengthening their excellent relations and jointly exploring the development of new collaborations both between administrations, and between companies, here in Spain and there in the US, but also in third markets In this sense, I am sure that the Chamber of Commerce of the USA in Spain will continue to perform a fundamental task, as it has done during the last hundred years, with such professionalism and commitment.”

The United States Chamber of Commerce in Spain was founded in 1917 as a private, non-profit institution and currently has more than 340 associated companies with an aggregate annual turnover of 248,000 million euros in Spain. The main objective of the organisation is to improve the competitiveness, productivity and internationalisation of the Spanish economy by attracting and stimulating trade and investment between the US and Spain.

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