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King Constantine has recovered from his stroke

His Majesty King Constantine of Greece has appeared public for the first time since it emerged that he was ill. It was last month that it was reported that King Constantine had been transported

It was last month that it was reported that King Constantine had been transported in a hurry to hospital and sources that are close to the King announced that he had a stroke. It later became known that he was admitted to a private hospital in Athens and that he underwent several tests. This came out and was confirmed by the Greek Royal Family after he did not show up in Copenhagen with his wife as planned.

Now, King Constantine have appeared publicly on the streets of Athens with his wife. The two were seen when they were out, looking to buy Christmas gifts for their family. According to witnesses, they visited one of Athens finest jewellery stores and some other shops. The news that the former Greek King was out in the streets spread quickly both in the media and among Athens residents. Not long after the King was first observed a small herd of Greeks had gathered outside the store the King was in and cheered when the King came out.

The King seemed in good health, he took the time to be photographed with some of those who waited for him and he spoke to some of them. He was still pretty shaky and had difficulty keeping his balance. He leaned on a walking stick with his right hand and his wife held him steady with his other arm.

His Majesty King Constantine was the King of Greece from 1964 until he was deposed in the military coup in 1973. He is married to Queen Margrethe of Denmark’s sister, Princess Anne Maria of Denmark, together they have five children. Since the military coup in 1973, the family lived in exile in Rome and London. Since 2013, he and his family have lived permanently in Athens.

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