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Hereditary Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg speak to Paris Match

Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie have given an exclusive interview to the French magazine Paris Match. They talked about their task and their future roles as Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg.

Working together as a couple is something almost every member of the royal families does. It cannot always be easy, but Hereditary Grand Duchess is happy to be working with her husband. She said: “We help each other a lot, and we regularly discuss files together. I often accompany my husband on economic missions, a field that is more his responsibility. Conversely, Guillaume supports me in commitments that concern me more specifically, the artistic field, for example. It is a strength to work as a couple: two brains, twice as many ideas and time devoted to everything.”

Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie is mainly involved in the domains of culture and arts as she is also chairman of the board of the Museum of Modern Art Grand Duke Jean (MUDAM). In the interview, she also talked about her interest in the elderly. She hopes to be more involved in this area because “much remains to be done.”

Both Guillaume and Stéphanie were asked how they see their roles, as a job or as something else. Stéphanie answered by saying: “It is more than a profession; it is a vocation because one never ceases to be an heir even when one takes a vacation. It is an engaging function, but it also allows a great freedom of action.” Guillaume added that a lot is to be expected from the both of them and that “it is a great responsibility.”

Being a Hereditary Grand Duke and Duchess is a great responsibility, but one can imagine that becoming Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg in the future is even more challenging. Asked about his preparation for his future role as Grand Duke, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume said: “I have been fortunate enough to have been in this role since my childhood. Thanks to the education I received from my parents and the ongoing dialogue I have been with them on all issues concerning the country. I also received training at university, studying political science in particular. Now I can say that I am in a cycle of continuing education. On the one hand, I sit on the State Council, which allows me to familiarise myself with the law and the institutions. On the other hand, I multiply experiences and encounters on the ground every day.”

For the Hereditary Grand Duchess, it is an entirely different situation. On the contrary of her husband, she was not born knowing one day she would become Grand Duchess of Luxembourg. She does not see this as a disadvantage when she said: “On the contrary, allowing different points of view makes us richer as a couple. Arriving here, I did not feel too disoriented because my birth country Belgium has shared many things in its history with Luxembourg. But I, nevertheless, discovered a new culture and especially a new language, Luxembourgish is not that easy to learn!” Besides Luxembourgish, Stéphanie is fluent in French, English and German.

Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie are currently on an economic mission in the United States focused on the Luxembourgish space programme.  

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