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Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie attends events for world stroke day

On 29 October, Her Royal Highness Princess Stéphanie, The Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, attended a conference held at Chateau de Bettembourg to recognise World Stroke Day.

The cause is one close to the Hereditary Grand Duchess’s heart as she lost her beloved mother to a stroke in August 2012, just two months before Stéphanie’s marriage to Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume in October of that year. She has since become royal patron of Blëtz, a charity focused on supporting people who have suffered strokes by informing the public about issues associated with brain injuries, promoting medical and scientific research on the topic, and paying close attention to the integration in society of those affected in order to help improve their environment and living conditions.

The conference, entitled “I’m Not Me Anymore”, featured a talk by neuropsychologist Patricia Santos and was attended by Chantal Keller, President of Blëtz and Bettembourg Mayor Josée Lorsché. Princess Stéphanie was pictured enthusiastically greeting Keller and Lorsché upon arrival and eagerly engrossed in the discussions and speeches given during the conference.

29 October is internationally recognised as World Stroke Day and on this day organisations around the world work to facilitate events to raise awareness of the prevention and treatment of strokes and ensure that those affected, and their families, have better care during and support during recuperation and beyond. The annual event was founded in 2006 by the World Stroke Organisation to highlight the severity of the need for education and support initiatives. Strokes affect over 15 million people each year – one person has a stroke every six seconds – and of those 15 million almost six million die with a further five million left with some form of disability.

Since the establishment of World Stoke Day, the World Stroke Organisation has embarked on an ongoing, year-round campaign which combines advocacy, policy and outreach.

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