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Europe’s royals reveal which tv series they like to watch

We all appreciate a good television programme and series about Europe’s royal families, whether it is documentaries about people and castles or dramatised stories from the past and present. Television shows and movies about the royals have always been popular in many countries across the globe, regardless of whether the nation is a republic or monarchy. The latest success is the Netflix series The Crown that has been a great success in Europe as well as in the United States. However, what series do royals enjoy watching?

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall have not hidden the fact that they are both big fans of the Danish drama series Forbrydelsen. When the two travelled to the Danish kingdom in 2012, they visited the filming of the series and were able to meet several of the actors.

Downton Abbey is one of the favourite series of the Duchess of Cambridge. Photo: Richard Munckton via Wikimedia Commons.

On the other hand, Prince Charles’s son, Prince Harry, has stated that he is a fan of the American television series Suits. This revelation is, perhaps, not surprising when his current girlfriend, Meghan Markle, has an leading role in the show. Also, Princess Madeleine of Sweden has expressed that she also is a fan of the show, but she prefers another American series, The Good Wife.

We all remember the great success of Downton Abbey. It took Europe by storm, but it was initially met with scepticism among American viewers if we exclude the loyal royalists in the country. It was when the Duchess of Cambridge, in an interview, said that she was a big fan of the series that it became popular in the United States.

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark has expressed that she likes to watch the old Danish television series Matador, which is about the life in Denmark during the Great Depression and part of the Second World War. Her Danish royal colleague, French-born Princess Marie, is also a supporter of this television series and has previously stated that it was thanks to the television series that she learned the Danish language.

  • UF

    Why does the Duchess of Cambridge like Downton Abbey? She’s living it.
    Was Harry’s answer rehearsed or what? Probably got him some.
    They all have butlers standing behind with the remote to change the channel.
    Lazy bastards

    • len langan

      You would not like to work as hard as they with schedules posted months ahead of events and the constant limelight that follows them like a plague of flying insects. Nor will your life contribute any lasting benefit to mankind. That which is not understood is best not spoken about by the ill-informed and ignorant.

      • UF

        They are anachronisms. Their lives contribute little of value in comparison to the cost of their pampered existence. Work? What effort is needed to wave and smile and be adored and be driven in limousines to parties and shows? They vacation frequently in world class surroundings. The flying insects make them possible. As for the worth of my own life I’ll leave judgement of that to a higher authority than you. You might consider your last sentence for yourself

  • K

    Game of Thrones!

  • UF

    Excuse me, but how can you possibly know what I do and do not contribute in life?
    While much of your information is of some truth, there are a great many errors.
    Actually, I had excepted Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh in my mind.
    I believe it entirely possible when Charles ascends the throne with that woman, he may push Great Britain toward Republicanism.
    The rule of thumb here is quite simple: The Monarch reigns, does not rule.

    • K

      From what I have seen of many of your posts, you appear as a very negative person whose only goal is to troll anyone who comments here. You seem to have a very negative attitude UF and should seriously seek help. The fact that I have provided you with FACTS, shows you are willing to ignore those same FACTS and write your own narrative. Oh, sorry, I mean… fake news. Someone call Fox News, we’ve found Bill O’Reilly;s replacement! I’m sure for someone following Breitbart News like you do, obviously believes everything they tell you! And Charles pushing the country towards “Republicanism”? What are you talking about? Charles would never do that, simply because much of the country has a liberal mentality. I don’t know about you, but I believe the royal family and the people of Great Britain aren’t that stupid. And whether or not Charles ascends the throne, for the sake of the peace of the realm, I’m accepting of that. However, HM Queen Elizabeth, could have already behind the scenes quietly, without the public’s or media’s awareness currently, be planning on Charles stepping aside to place William on the throne. All because I firmly believe HM Queen Elizabeth II will reach the age of 100 or 101, as she has the same strength as her mother, the late Queen Mother, who passed at the age of 101 in 2002. Should that happen, Charles will be 78 by the time he reaches the throne. Almost 80! (Charles will be turning 69 years old on November 14th, 2017) Charles also is an avid believer in natural conservation. Meaning, he believes in Environmentalism. He’s met with members of the British government, on environmentally sustainable housing and living. Charles also believes in man-made climate change. Something US Republican’s are so willing to deny because they are pocketed with big donations from big oil, natural gas and major coal companies. So, for your comment that my post featured many errors, I’m going on FACTS. And yes, the monarch reigns, however…. does not rule? Like Sweden, Monaco, Denmark, Spain, and other countries with ruling monarchs, HM Queen Elizabeth II does rule the country. Not in a government state, but as the head of the state. Even though, the reality is, politicians are the heads of the state, making the reality of HM Queen Elizabeth II’s position… the head of the country. Mainly because, Prime Minister’s come and go after the terms they serve, so do members of Parliament, but HM Queen Elizabeth has been consistent for over 60 years. HM Queen Elizabeth celebrated her sapphire jubilee on February 6, 2017, celebrating 65 years on the throne. I strongly believe she has another 10 years in her. As for the rest of the royals, Prince William (Duke of Cambridge) up until January 2017, worked as a rescue pilot with the East Anglian air Ambulance. Before Kate Middleton married Prince William, she worked in web design and photography for her family’s party supply business and at Jigsaw clothing. As far as HM the Queen writing letters to those celebrating their 100th birthday, my great grandmother got one, although it’s been lost since her passing in January 1987.

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