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Dutch writer claims he’s the son of the late Prince Bernhard

Dutch Writer Oscar van den Boogaard has claimed in an interview that he is an illegitimate son of the late Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (born of Lippe-Biesterfeld), the husband of the late Queen (later Princess) Juliana of the Netherlands.

In an interview with NRC, van den Boogaard says he is basing his claim solely on what his mother has told him. Prince Bernhard passed away in 2004 at the age of 93. “Why would she make something like this up? Something I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone. It is such a great secret that a child could not bear it.”

Van den Boogaard has written a book called “Child soldier”, which is part fiction and part non-fiction. He writes about the contact between his mother and the Dutch royal family. According to him, Queen Juliana invited her on a skiing holiday in the mid-1950s. His legal father and mother had a bad marriage and separated when he was 13. His legal father then left for Suriname. Shortly after the separation, his mother was supposedly invited to the palace for a party, and she took him with her. Van den Boogaard supposedly met Prince Bernhard at that very party, where the Prince told him that he had been following the boy’s life closely. On the way back from the party, his mother became upset and told him the truth about his paternity.

According to the RVD, the Government Information Service, there is no evidence to assume that Oscar van den Boogaard is the Prince’s son. Prince Bernhard has publicly spoken about his illegitimate daughters, Alicia von Bielefeld and Alexia Grinda but has never mentioned a son. The news about his illegitimate daughters was confirmed after his death. The RVD has also found no evidence of any meeting between Prince Bernhard and Oscar van den Boogaard or his mother.

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