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Dutch representative thinks Queen Máxima should surrender her Argentinian passport

Sybrand van Haersma Buma, the leader of the CDA (Christian Democratic Appeal), has said that Queen Máxima should surrender her Argentinian passport on a radio show. “If it’s up to me, everyone should have just one passport.”

He recognises that some countries make it impossible to surrender their nationality, including Argentina, but he thinks that special agreements should be made with countries like that. He wants to get rid of double nationalities because, according to him, it hinders the integration into the Dutch society. He says that the unrest in Rotterdam, which involved Turkish-Dutch people, is a good example of this.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte responded by saying that it’s impossible for Queen Máxima to give up her second nationality, as Argentina just does not allow it. He also wants to keep the royal family out of this election campaign.

Jeroen Dijsselbloem from the PvdA (Labour Party) speaks of a blunder. “The Argentinian law does not allow and what problem does Buma thinks he’s fixing with this?”, he asked on Twitter.

Around 1,3 million Dutch people have a second nationality.

Queen Máxima was born in Buenos Aires in Argentina on 7 May 1971. She grew up in the city and studied at a bilingual school in Olivos. She graduated with a degree in Economics from the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina in 1995. She obtained a Master’s degree in the United States. She worked in Buenos Aires, New York City and Brussels. She met the then Prince of Orange in 1999 in Spain. They married in 2002 in Amsterdam. Queen Máxima has spoken of how she has learned to integrate into Dutch society. She learned the language very quickly, reading Dutch articles every day and watching only Dutch language television for a year while dragging around a huge Dutch dictionary. She became Queen of the Netherlands in 2013 upon her mother-in-law’s abdication.

In my opinion, Queen Máxima is the best example of good integration into Dutch society, even with a second nationality!


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