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Taking a look at the places Prince Henrik can be buried

After it became known that Prince Henrik of Denmark did not want to be buried with his wife, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, many have wondered where the Prince should be buried. The media first claimed that the Prince was going to be buried at his wine castle in France, but this was quickly rejected by the Danish Royal Court which confirmed that Henrik was to be buried in Denmark.

So where is it appropriate to bury a Prince of Denmark who does not want to be buried in Denmark’s most important cathedral?

Roskilde Cathedral. Photo: CucombreLibre via Wikimedia Commons.

Prince Henrik’s choice breaks with a 600-year tradition that Denmark’s monarch is laid to rest side by side with their spouse. In the Roskilde Cathedral lies the tombs of 39 of Denmark’s kings and queens, where the oldest royal tomb belongs to Queen Margrethe I who died in 1412. Nevertheless, there are several more royal burial sites that can be used as the location for the grave of Prince Henrik. The churches of Ringsted, Ribe and Viborg are all royal burial sites the Prince can choose.

Several Danish Royal Family experts still believe that the probability of Prince Henrik being buried in these churches is small. Prince Henrik, as an independent person, has no connection to these churches or their location.

Garden view of Fredensborg Palace. Photo: Glån via Wikimedia Commons.

Many experts on the Danish Royal Family believe it is most likely that Prince Henrik will be buried either at one of the churches associated with any of the Danish palaces or in the garden of one of the homes where the family spends a lot of time. They have pointed out the churches and gardens associated with the two palaces of Fredensborg and Marselisborg as the two best candidates to house the Prince’s future burial site.

After the Prince’s decision had received such widespread attention, the Prince said he was tired of this debate.

It is likely that Prince Henrik’s funeral will be modest and consist of a small and private ceremony with few guests apart from the family.

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