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Queen Margrethe to host mysterious dinner with the government next week

It was announced yesterday that Her Majesty Queen Margrethe of Denmark will hold a cabinet meeting dinner next Wednesday. This is exceedingly rare and has only happened three times in the last 17 years. Every time the dinner has been hosted by the Queen something important has been discussed, and then the following day, released to the press.

The last two times this has happened, Queen Margrethe told her government about upcoming weddings in the royal family. The last cabinet meeting dinner in 2009 ended with Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmusen asking the Queen to give him permission to resign. Now the speculation has begun about what Her Majesty will discuss with her government during the upcoming dinner.

Queen Margrethe in 2010. Photo: Johannes Jansson (CC BY 2.5) via Wikimedia Commons

Historian and expert on the Danish Royal Family, Lars H. Sørensen, said earlier today to Danish TV2: “This is a typical occasion to announce a major event for the royal family. Danish TV2 has contacted both the Prime Minister’s Office and the Danish Royal Court. During the conversation with the Prime Minister’s press contact, TV2 was directed to speak with the Royal Court, suggesting that the upcoming dinner is regarding something about the royal house. Neither the Royal Court or the cabinet of the Prime Minister wanted to tell why the dinner is being held next week.”

The dinner will be held at Amalienborg Palace, and participants scheduled for dinner are the Queen, Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, members of the government and the Prime Minister’s department chief.

Some have started to speculate that Queen Margrethe will announce here abdication. This is unlikely, and Sørensen does not believe this. “It is possible the dinner has a very simple explanation,” says Sørensen.

“It may well be that the Queen just want to thank a prime minister she had a good relationship with for many years,” says Sørensen. If it still should be something special, it is most likely that the Prime Minister is going to request permission to resign by the Queen.

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