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Queen Margrethe talks about her husband’s dementia

It was in September that it became publicly known that Prince Henrik of Denmark suffered from dementia. This message came after the Prince had come up with a number of controversial statements towards the Queen. For the first time since the news became known, Queen Margrethe has now talked about her husband’s health.

It was when Her Majesty was on State Visit to Ghana that the Queen commented on her husband’s health. Danish TV2 asked Her Majesty when she arrived in Ghana how Prince Henrik was feeling. Her Majesty the Queen replied:”At the moment he is very good. I have just heard from him and he is in a lovely place in a warm country by the ocean and enjoying it and is really well. It is weird to be on such a journey alone. However, when he is good, wherever he is, I am good where I am.”

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik onboard the royal yacht to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. Photo: © Kongehuset

A series of examinations have been conducted during the late summer on the Prince, and a team of specialists from the Rigshospitalet concluded in September that Prince Henrik suffers from dementia. The diagnosis implies a decline in Prince Henrik’s cognitive functional level and the extent of the cognitive failure is greater than expected considering Prince Henrik’s age.

The fall has been tricky for the Prince who has also had an infection in the leg. This led to that he had to cancel his holiday in France with Queen Margrethe this summer.

Prince Henrik has received much attention in the press the recent months after it became known that he does not want to be buried with his wife in the Roskile Cathedral. The Prince himself said he is tired of the debate about his the funeral. Nevertheless, he publicly criticised his wife just a few days later, saying: “She’s the one playing me for a fool. I didn’t marry The Queen to get buried at Roskilde”.


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