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Queen Margrethe on holiday in Norway

The Danish Royal Family is lagging behind for a few hard weeks after Prince Henrik’s death. After thanking the Danish people for the support in connection with her husband’s departure, it became apparent that the Queen was to take a two week holiday.

Queen Margrethe has always visited Norway once during the winter, and many wondered if the Queen was going to Norway this year, too, or if she wanted to do anything else. It has now been published by the Norwegian and Danish media that the recently widowed monarch is in Norway. The fact has also recently been confirmed by the Norwegian Royal Court.

Prince Henrik with his wife, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. Photo: Holger Motzkau via Wikimedia Commons.

Queen Margrethe is vacationing in the mountain region of Gausdalen, which lies in eastern Norway. In recent days, Norway has had problems with the last winter cold, with has given parts of the eastern country temperatures down towards -40 Celsius. So Queen Margrethe really gets to feel the Norwegian winter. Queen Margrethe is expected to come home from her holiday in Norway on 11 March.

Queen Sonja would definitely like to receive her good friend, Queen Margrethe, on her winter holiday in Norway, but Queen Sonja has travelled abroad on vacation herself. The Queen will, therefore, not this time meet any of her Norwegian colleagues and good friends before King Harald and Queen Sonja travel to Argentina on state visits.

“Unfortunately, Queen Sonja is unable to see her good friend Queen Margrethe, as Queen Sonja is currently on a long-planned private trip abroad. So she is not at all in Norway during Queen Margrethe’s visit,” said a statement from the Royal Court to the Danish magazine Billed Bladet.

Queen Sonja together with King Harald on their anniversary trip in 2017. Photo: Oskar Aanmoen.

Queen Margrethe and Queen Sonja have a close friendship. Every year they have gone skiing together, but in he recent years the Danish queen has not gone skiing anymore. Then the two friends have, therefore, been observed together at various museums in Oslo, Norway’s capital.

Just like in Denmark, where Crown Prince Frederik is ruling in the Queen’s absence, Crown Prince Haakon is now ruling head of state in his parents’ absence.

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