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Queen Margrethe announces this year’s royal summer tours

Her Majesty Queen Margrethe of Denmark travels every summer along the Danish coast on the Danish royal yacht “Dannebrog”. This summer, the Queen will conduct two journeys with the 85-year-old ship. The first summer trip will last from 13 June to 16 June. During this voyage, Her Majesty will visit the Danish coastal towns of Kalundborg and Mariagerfjord. The second trip will take place from 30 August to 1 September. Then, Queen Margrethe will visit the Danish island of Bornholm. The programme for the Queen’s visit to these sites has not yet been determined.

Queen Margrethe, accompanied by Crown Prince Fredrik and Crown Princess Mary, on an official visit on the royal yacht. You can see the Dannebrog to the left in the picture. Photo: Erik Wern via Wikimedia Commons.

Last year, one of the Queen’s summer trips with the ship Dannebrog was more severe than usual. It was on 17 July 2016 that three men shot several rounds with a spud gun towards the royal yacht when it was anchored just outside Sønderborg Castle. Queen Margrethe was inside the castle and was not hurt in the incident. The royal yacht was not hit by the shots, but the three men admitted that they tried with the purpose of hitting the ship. In December 2016, three Danish citizens were sentenced to a three-month suspended sentence after they fired at the Dannebrog.

“Dannebrog” and the Danish Royal Family visit the Faroe Islands. Photo: Erik Christensen via Wikimedia Commons.

The Dannebrog is often used by the Danish Royal Family on their official travels in Denmark during the summer. This is a tradition that Queen Margrethe took over from her parents, King Frederick and Queen Ingrid. The Royal Family also uses the ship for longer journeys. Queen Margrethe used the ship on her official trip to the Faroe Islands in 2010 and Greenland in 2015. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary used the ship when they visited Greenland in 2014.

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