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Princess Marie’s visit to Greenland – Days 3 and 4

Her Royal Highness, Princess Marie of Denmark concludes today a four-day-long visit to Greenland. The reason that the Princess travelled to Greenland alone is that she attended an autism conference for her patronage, the National Association for Autism.

Yesterday the Princess attended at numerous events in the Greenlandic town of Nuuk. The day began when Her Royal Highness met Nuuk’s mayor, Asii Chemnitz Narup. After a short meeting with the mayor, the Princess participated with the awarding of a number of diplomas. Then, a breakfast was held with the mayor and the political leadership of Greenland’s largest city.

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After the breakfast was finished, Marie went on to “Hans Egdes House.” There she was welcomed by representatives of the National Association for Autism. The Princess got the opportunity to learn more about the association’s work and talk with the leadership of the organisation, parents of children with autism, and children who have autism; the association’s partners also participated in the discussions with Her Royal Highness.

Nuuk city. Photo: Svickova via Wikimedia Commons.

Laila Nielsen was one of those with autism with whom the Princess got the pleasure of speaking. Nielsen rejoiced at the opportunity to meet her hero and had, therefore, brought with her a bouquet of flowers that she gave as a gift to Her Royal Highness. Laila Nilsen describes herself as a royalist and has an impressive knowledge of the Danish Royal Family. “I have long looked forward to seeing the Princess; she sat on my bed, and we talked a long time together,” said Laila to the reporters after meeting Princess Marie.

Her Royal Highness then officially opened the conference at 4 pm. After a series of speeches, a dinner was held last evening for those attending the conference with members of the Greenlandic government attending the dinner, also.

Today marks the conclusion of her four-day trip. Her Royal Highness has no official engagements today. When Marie met the press yesterday, she was clearly impressed by Greenland. “I see how nice the country is. This was a happy visit, and the kids here with autism are in good hands,” said the Princess.

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