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Princess Marie visits National Hospital Epilepsy Clinic

Princess Marie of Denmark visited the National Hospital Epilepsy Clinic in Copenhagen yesterday morning. Her Royal Highness has been the patron of the Epilepsy Association since 2013.

Yesterday’s visit was made in connection with Brain Awareness Week which is taking place this week. The Danish Monarchy said yesterday about the week, “[It is] marked every year in week 11 with a special focus on the brain, brain diseases and brain research.”

The Epilepsy Association is in the network of Brain in Focus. They are “using the week to raise awareness about diseases that have their origin in the brain,” according to the Danish Epilepsy Association. Other organisations involved with Brain in Focus are the Alzheimer’s Association, Parkinson Association and Spastics Society among others.

The Princess met patients living with epilepsy and leading experts, as well as watching a presentation on epilepsy surgery.

Professor Anne Sabers gave the presentation regarding epilepsy surgery and spoke about the treatment of epilepsy throughout history and the surgery options today.

Her Royal Highness spoke to patients Emil and Nikolaj during her visit about their treatments. Emil has already undergone procedures as part of his treatment, and Nikolaj is in the process leading up to his epilepsy surgery. Nikolaj has been undergoing treatment where electrodes have been put “into the brain to measure activity in the brain and locate the area where the epilepsy originates from – the area of ​​the surgeons, if possible, to remove,” said the association in a press release after the visit by Princess Marie.

The Danish Epilepsy Association is a non-profit organisation founded in 1962 with close to 5,500 members in Denmark. They have said their goals are to “raise public and professional awareness of epilepsy, treatment of epilepsy, to find causes to epilepsy and to understand both social, psychological and health-related consequences of having epilepsy.”

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