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Princess Marie to host ten children in her home to teach them about food waste

On 18th January, Princess Marie will host ten children in her home of Klampenborg to teach them about food waste. The ten children were selected from the 6 Grade classes of Helsingor School.

They will cook in Princess Marie’s kitchen with chef Timm Vladimir and Selina Juul, the founder of Stop Spild Af Mad, the leading organisation fighting against food waste in Denmark.

This initiative aims to teach the children about food waste and how to avoid it. Princess Marie and Timm Vladimir created a menu that they will all cook together based on simple products.

Princess Marie is the Patron of the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival which has taken place in August since 2011, and the festival’s cause this year is food waste. Princess Marie has been involved with Stop Spild Af Mad and WeFood, organisations and initiatives to fight against food waste for a few years now, but her involvement increased since last year. Indeed, Princess Marie gave several interviews to foreign TV channels back in November 2017 to promote Denmark’s ways of fighting food waste, and last week, she joined the Danish delegation for a meeting with the World Resources Institute’s president and board.

Despite Denmark’s considerable efforts to fight against food waste – according to The Guardian, they are the leading force in the fight against food waste –  700000 tonnes of food are still thrown away each year in Denmark; so, there is still a lot to do.

In a press release, Selina Juul said: “For the past ten years, we have helped Danes avoid food waste, so it is really positive and pleasing that HRH Princess Marie and the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival are actively involved in the fight against food waste. It is especially important to teach children and young people who are future consumers to gain a greater respect for the food.”

It was also noted that Princess Marie is “keen to make more consumers understand that the food that is being thrown belongs to the dinner table and not in the bin.”

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