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Princess Marie of Denmark opens emergency management forum

Her Royal Highness Princess Marie of Denmark, in an unannounced event, opened the National Accident Prevention Forum at the Kastellet in Copenhagen on Thursday, 20 April that discussed emergency preparedness in Denmark. The forum was held by the Denmark Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) of which Marie is the Corps Master à la suite of the Emergency Board.

Earlier this year, the agency came up with plans to utilise in the case of accidents or natural disasters. A press release from the DEMA said that the “goal of the forum’s work is to reduce the number of deaths as a result of fire.”

Additionally, they added that earlier this year, “One of the main points of the strategy was to establish a national forum to prevent and reduce the cost of accidents and disasters.”

Scores of volunteers, professionals and other actors were present in the first meeting of the new forum. Working groups during the forum were created after presentations by the various professionals in attendance to discuss and better plan for emergencies.

The head of the Danish Emergency Management Agency, Henrik G. Petersen, was quoted in the press release saying, “We are very pleased that the specific professional work has begun. Now we must work together with the elements that point to the overall goals. It will be a long, cool move, but it is positive to see that so many players are involved in the work.”

The organisation mentioned that their goals moving forward are to “contribute to creating a more holistic and transversal anchoring of the prevention strategy” with assistance and cooperation with a broad range of authorities, organisations and associations. Other groups involved include the Municipal Association, Danish Red Cross, National Board of Health and Police Intelligence.

Her Royal Highness began her role in June of last year as a special project officer in the field of prevention; however, the Princess has been involved with the organisation since 2011. That year she took part in and completed an emergency education programme with DEMA.

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