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Princess Marie of Denmark has dinner with DanChurchAid’s Ambassadors

On Wednesday evening, Princess Marie of Denmark attended DanChurchAid’s Ambassador’s Dinner. This event was not announced by the Court beforehand. It was held at the Höst Restaurant in Copenhagen.

Hilda Heick, Nicolas Bro, Laura Bro, Keld Heick, Annette Heick and Bodil Jørgensen among other DanChurchAid ambassadors attended the dinner. All of them are well-known Danish artists. Princess Marie has been the Patron of DanChurchAid since 2012.

DanChurchAid (Folkekirkens Nødhjælp) aims to help the world’s poorest people in their struggle for life with dignity. Their slogan is ”We believe in life before death”. The foundation is a faith-based and ecumenical, non-missionary organisation from the Danish National Evangelical Lutheran Church. In 2015, they set up several goals for the 2015-2018 period. These goals were Save Lives, Build Resilient Communities and Fight Extreme Inequality. Their aim in Denmark is to generate commitment among the Danish people. DanChurchAid works in more than 30 countries, especially in Africa and Asia.

Hilda Heick, one of the ambassadors, said to Billed-Bladet: “It was a very nice and quiet dinner at the Höst restaurant, where we learned more about each other and talked loosely and firmly. It was a really good evening. The Princess was very sweet and relaxed for dinner.”

Princess Marie has taken part in a lot of events for the foundation, including a Christmas event, food banks during the winter and several humanitarian trips, including a trip to Cambodia in 2012 and more recently in Myanmar last year.

Billed-Bladet also said that a trip to Nepal was scheduled for some of DanChurchAid’s ambassadors soon; we don’t know yet if Princess Marie will take part of this humanitarian trip. Last year, the Court only announced the Myanmar trip after Princess Marie had come back to Denmark for security reasons, so we might get a similar delayed announcement this year if she decided to join DanChurchAid’s trip to Nepal in the coming weeks.

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