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Princess Marie of Denmark gives an interview to Point de Vue Magazine

Princess Marie of Denmark is on the cover of Point de Vue Magazine this week. She received the team of Point de Vue at Amalienborg Palace to talk about living in Denmark and her love for the country.

In the first part of the interview, Princess Marie talked about her daily family life in Denmark. She explained that she did not want her children to be raised by anyone else than her and Prince Joachim: “Of course, we are lucky to have people to help us when we work, but it is very important to me to take care of the daily life. If my daughter needs anything, she calls me. The same thing applies to my son. Even if I sometimes tell them I don’t have the time (laughs). ”

She also talked a lot about her first impressions of Denmark and how she had to adapt to the Danish way of living that was sometimes very different from what she had experienced before in France, Switzerland or the US: “They [the children] are outside as much as possible, and their link to nature is fundamental. Even babies sleep outside a lot. We are careful when the temperatures are low of course (laughs). The first time my husband showed me this method, I was…surprised! Even pretty scared but I was convinced pretty quickly. Kids sleep very well apparently…”  She also had to adapt to the very early hours of the Danes. She said that as French she used to have more Latin hours, and it took her a lot of time to be able to be fully active at six am.

The second part of the interview was focused on the specificities of Denmark and its culture and why it was rightfully being named as the “country of happiness.” Princess Marie said that the small size of the country plays a significant role but that education is also very important, both at school and in the family. She stated that she was very strict about fundamentals like politeness and good manners but also respect for the adults with her children: “I’m very strict about this, and I think it doesn’t prevent the children to be and feel free, to have fun and to feel loved. Respecting adults is very important. You have to be able to live together. There are moments for adults and moments for children.”

Princess Marie also promoted Danish design which is becoming a big part of Denmark’s culture and Nordic and Danish cooking, too. Princess Marie is the patron of the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival, and she also supports the fight against food waste. To conclude this lengthy interview, Princess Marie talk about the causes she is involved with in Denmark: “Wherever we are, we have to pay attention and care about the most vulnerable ones. I try to take care as much as possible of the people with disabilities, autistic children and epileptic persons, for example. I also work with the AIDS Foundation. These moments are important for me. I deeply love spending time with these people, and I am proud to live in a country that takes care of its people.”

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