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Princess Marie begins a four-day visit to Greenland

Her Royal Highness, Princess Marie of Denmark, the wife of Queen Margrethe’s younger son, Prince Joachim, begins a four-day visit to Greenland today. The reason that the Princess initiated such a long visit to Greenland alone is that she will attend an autism conference for her patronage, the National Association for Autism.

Her Royal Highness will attend the Autism Conference and deliver the opening speech. She will meet with children and adults who are living with autism. The Princess will also attend a reception for the National Association for Autism in Greenland.

The conference will be held in Nuuk, the capital of the autonomous region Greenland, which is also a part of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark’s kingdom. Photo: Oliver Schauf via Wikimedia Commons.

“There is a need for knowledge about autism in Greenland, and there is a need for efforts that can help Greenland’s families in Greenland, so they do not need to move their lives to Denmark, to a specialised kindergarten or schooling,” says a spokesman for the conference. They said to the Danish media that they are very happy that Princess Marie has the opportunity to attend the conference.

The National Association for Autism says that it reaches “far and wide” in its work for autism awareness. The association was founded in 1962, and they aim to increase the knowledge and understanding of the difficulties autism causes.

Read more about the association here.

Princess Marie with her husband, Prince Joachim. Photo: Frankie Fouganthin via Wikimedia Commons.

Princess Marie is the patron of several health-related organisations, such as The AIDS Foundation and the Epilepsy Foundation, the Danish Ski Federation, the Danish National Commission for UNESCO, DanChurchAid, and the Danish Student House in Paris.

Princess Marie looks forward to visiting Greenland again. She has stated that she thinks Greenland is a great place and that she enjoys being on the island. In 2011, her family travelled to the island for a vacation. The Princess told reporters that it was like being on a honeymoon number two, only better, as they now had Prince Joachim’s sons, Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix with them.

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