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Princess Marie and children with autism spend the afternoon in Tivoli Park

Yesterday afternoon, Tivoli Park received some exceptional guests. Princess Marie, as well as five children with autism and their siblings, spent the afternoon in the Halloween-themed park at the invitation of the princess.

© Torben Plank / Tivoli

Princess Marie is Patron of Landsforeningen Autisme, the National Association for Autism, since 2011 and is very involved in her role as one of her nephew suffers from autism too, so the cause is very personal for her. On 16 October the association released more information about the event saying that Princess Marie wanted to invite the siblings of these children because she knows that it is often not easy for the siblings to feel at ease in a family when a lot of the attention is focused on an autistic child. It can create tension and conflicts between the siblings but also in the children themselves because they can feel both jealous and understanding of their siblings’ difficult condition.

© Torben Plank / Tivoli

According to the National Association for Autism, the repetition rate is 18.3. This means that if a family has a child with autism, there is 18.3% chance that their next child will have autism too. They also say that there are between 70,000-100,000 people with autism in Denmark. The National Association of Autism was founded in 1962 by a group of parents in close cooperation with professionals. They also interact with other groups including schools and other structures. The association is supported by about 9,000 members and contributors.

© Torben Plank / Tivoli

Princess Marie made an official trip to Greenland earlier this year to attend the conference on autism, and she took part in a treasure hunt in a summer camp for children with autism in early August. In 2015, Princess Marie attended a similar event in Tivoli Park with the National Association for Autism, this time it was a Christmas concert organised for the children.

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