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Prince Joachim talks about father’s admittance to hospital

September 2017 brought with it the disheartening announcement that His Royal Highness Prince Henrik of Denmark had been diagnosed with the disease of dementia. This news brought with it the realisation that Prince Henrik would be reducing his number of duties and focusing more on his health and well-being.

Over the past several years, Prince Henrik has been admitted to the hospital on multiple occasions. And after nearly five months since his diagnosis of a decline in his cognitive functional level, Prince Henrik was admitted to the Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen following his time in Egypt. The purpose of the admittance is to conduct more tests.

Most recently in the developments, Denmark’s Prince Joachim has broken the silence and revealed a measure of displeasure in the tests his father is undergoing.

Prince Joachim, the younger child of Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik, was unable to provide adequate details regarding Prince Henrik’s health during a visit to Dansk Industry Conference for Small and Medium Enterprises on 29 January 2018.

The Prince attended the function in order to present the Initiative Prize which highlights genius and growth in marketing, technology and education within a certain frame of time. The North Jutland company Liftup A/S was the recipient of the prize.

Prince Joachim was urgent in saying that his entire family awaits a further understanding into the condition Prince Henrik is facing and explanation as to the results and purposes of the tests he is receiving. He also stated that he would visit him soon.

Prince Henrik has been married to Queen Margrethe since 1967 when she was then a princess. Upon the death of her father, Queen Margrethe assumed the throne of Denmark. Recent controversy has arisen in a debate over whether or not Prince Henrik is seen as the Queen’s equal. Prince Henrik has also made his position clear in recent months regarding his wish to not be buried with his wife upon his passing. More details are yet to be revealed.

Meanwhile, the couple’s two sons Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim and the entire Danish Royal Family remain committed to seeking answers surrounding their father’s uncertain health.

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