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Prince Joachim and Princess Marie to feature in documentary on 27 December

Transparency in the modern age is a thing of mystery. In a world where claims to this figment are both attainable and oddly out of reach thanks to the confusion of social media and overall societal norms, it can be challenging to navigate the waters of the public life versus the private lives of celebrities and famous figures of our day and age.

Ever since the wave of fascination has swept over numerous countries regarding the royals whether they be British or other, media takes delight in getting glimpses into their lives. Most but not all attempts at this are mostly innocent and aim to gain a better and deeper understanding into the mystical lives of these grand figures of modern day history.

History has proven the distance that exists between the royal and the commoner. But modern days and changing of times have seemed to bring the two closer together.

From movies and books of interpretation to documentaries and blogs, the world takes advantage of every angle to understand the phenomenon that is royal life at large. Often it is forgotten that these high-ranking individuals are human just like everyone else.

Just shortly after the Christmas holiday, a brand new television special is set to air locally in Denmark featuring Prince Joachim, the younger son of Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik, and Princess Marie.

Entitled At Home With Joachim and Marie, this transparent special delves into the lives of the Prince and his bride, giving the public a glimpse beyond the palace. The programme will feature their royal residences and take a closer look at the 48-year-old Prince’s daily family life with his wife and children. Prince Joachim has two sons from his first marriage, Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix. He and Marie have two children together, as well, Prince Henrik and Princess Athena.

The programme will air on 27 December 2017 on TV 2.

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