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Prince Joachim and Princess Marie participate in events for Flag Day

Yesterday, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie were in Skive, in the north of Denmark, to take part in various events for Flag Day.

Flag Day is a day of remembrance for the deployed soldiers of Denmark and those who died on duty, held each year on 5th of September. In 2011, Queen Margrethe inaugurated a monument in Copenhagen to honour them. The inscription on it states: “One time – One place – One human being.” It also contains the names of the fallen. Since then, Flag Day ceremonies in Copenhagen are held in front of the monument. Each year, either the Crown Prince Couple or Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attend the ceremonies. For the first time this year, both couples attended events for Flag Day. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary participated in the ceremonies in Copenhagen while Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attended the ceremonies in Skive.

Skive is a city in the north of Denmark which was commemorating the loss of three soldiers during a mission in Kabul fifteen years ago. Prince Joachim and Princess Marie first attended a service of remembrance at Skive Church before visiting Skive’s barracks where they had lunch. They laid a wreath in honour of the fallen soldiers and watched the military parade.

They also learned about the history of the barracks and its soldiers during their visit. They met with Simone Bech Nielsen who is the founder of “Respect – We Think About You”. Through this initiative, Simone Bech Nielsen sends packages to soldiers who are abroad on missions. She said she first had the idea when her son was sent to Afghanistan in 2011. Prince Joachim and Princess Marie were very impressed saying that they were “sure that the initiative makes a great difference for the soldiers” and that “it is a very nice gesture for the soldiers.” Prince Joachim also expressed all the respect he had for Simone’s son who has been deployed four times.

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