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Prince Joachim and his family open Denmark’s Legoland for theme park’s 50 anniversary

Prince Joachim of Denmark and his family opened Denmark’s Legoland Billund Resort on Saturday, 24 March. Legoland is opening its doors for the 50th year, and Princess Marie, Prince Felix, Prince Henrik and Princess Athena accompanied Joachim. Only Prince Nikolai, the oldest child of Prince Joachim through his first wife, Countess Alexandra, was absent for the family day out.

Prince Henrik, 8, and Princess Athena, 6, pressed the large Lego button to open the doors to Legoland, located in Billund, Denmark, for the season.

Photo: Legoland Billund Resort

The Danish royals were also present for the opening of the new ride, the Flying Eagle. The family seemed to enjoy being the first riders on the new roller coaster in the theme park. Prince Felix and his younger brother, Prince Henrik had a front row seat on the new ride while Princess Marie sat in the row behind them with Princess Athena. Prince Joachim was in the third row.

The family enjoyed the new roller coaster. Photo: Legoland Billund Resort

The park officially opened the public shortly after the royals took the first ride on the Flying Eagle.

According to the press release sent out by Legoland Billund Resort, “[The] Flying Eagle flies through an impressive Rocky Mountains inspired landscape, where guests first move 11 metres up in the air, after which it goes fast down 46 km/h past the lakes and the LEGO animals before landing safely on the platform.”

The LEGOREDO® Town section of the park has also been renovated with the LEGO Canoe ride being completely renovated after its opening 25 years ago.

Photo: Legoland Billund Resort

Photo: Legoland Billund Resort

Photo: Legoland Billund Resort

The family opened Legoland last year, as well, where they officially inaugurated the new section of the theme park, NINJAGO World. They were the first people to try the NINJAGO The Ride, as well.

The Legoland Billund Resort opened on 7 June 1968 and receives close to two million visitors per year. It is open annually from March to October and has 50 rides.

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