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Prince Henrik opens exhibition of his own work

On Saturday morning, 21 January, Prince Henrik opened an exhibition of his own work at the museum, Koldinghus. The exhibit is entitled “Heaven Stone: HRH Prince Henrik collection of oriental jade art.” It contains more than 10,000 pieces from his personal collection housed at his homes of Fredensborg Palace, Amalienborg and the Château de Cayx in France.

In a press release by the Royal Danish House, His Royal Highness said, “It’s a joy to be able to share my fascination with oriental jade art with audiences who visit the exhibition at Koldinghus. The collection has been for many years, and I look forward to seeing the new framework at the Museum at Koldinghus.

“Not only are there many memories and good experiences associated with each object, but I am also fascinated by the material’s historical symbolism, its nature, forms and not least the wonderful colors and textures as jadestone may contain.”

The exhibit has six themes: color, form, use, religious objects, fabulous animals and historical styles in eight different rooms. These rooms will each tell something about His Royal Highness and his collection. There will also be short films in the museum where Prince Henrik explains the background of the oriental jade art, his memories, and stories from his discoveries.

In the same press release, the Royal Danish House explained about the jade saying, “Jade is composed of two minerals, nephrite and jadeite, and in Asia nicknamed Himmel stone. Jade is because of its beauty, color and texture through millennia been used carved figures, imperial appliances, gifts to the dead, protective talismans and jewelry.”

The museum director, Thomas C. Thulstrup told TVS, “Prince Henrik eminent collection of jade figures provides a unique platform for the dissemination of the material jade, which is a relatively unknown gem for most of the Western world. An ignorance that stands in stark contrast to Asia’s millennial history and culture where jade art has been an integral part of life.”

The exhibition will be open in Koldinghus until 25 August 2017.

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