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Prince Felix confirmed into the Church of Denmark

His Highness Prince Felix of Denmark, the younger son of Prince Joachim of Denmark and his ex-wife, Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg, was confirmed into the Church of Denmark yesterday morning at the Fredensborg Palace Church with Royal Chaplain, Erik Norman Svendsen leading the service.

Erik Norman Svendsen also taught Felix during his confirmation classes and explained to Billed Bladet, “We have been delighted to have him on the team. He has been easy and had quick confirmation classes.”

© Steen Brogaard, Kongehuset

After the ceremony, the family posed for the media outside the church and then for photographs in Christian IX’s Palace, Amalienborg. The Royal Danish House released six images in the late afternoon of the 14-year-old with his family and godparents.

© Steen Brogaard, Kongehuset

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik hosted the guests at their home for lunch after the ceremony. When the media asked Prince Joachim about his middle son’s confirmation into the Church of Denmark, he said to Billed Bladet, “It went so well. I am very, very proud.”

His Highness with his parents yesterday afternoon. © Steen Brogaard, Kongehuset

Those who attended the confirmation included his parents, Prince Joachim and Alexandra; older brother, Prince Nikolai; stepmother, Princess Marie; half-brother, Prince Henrik; half-sister, Princess Athena; his maternal grandmother, Christa Manley, paternal grandparents, Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik; paternal uncle and aunt, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary; paternal cousins, Princes Christian and Vincent and Princesses Isabella and Josephine; godparents, among other family members.

Prince Felix with Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik, HRH Prince Joachim and H.E. Countess of Frederiksborg, HRH Princess Marie, HH Prince Nikolai, HH Prince Henrik, HH Princess Athena,  Christa Manley and the Prince’s godparents Christian Ahlefeldt-Laurvig, Oscar Davidsen Siesby, Damian Sibley, Martina Bent and Annick Boel. © Steen Brogaard, Kongehuset

The church has a royal history of confirmations in the Danish Royal Family. His older brother, Prince Nikolai; father, Prince Joachim; uncle, Crown Prince Frederik; grandmother, Queen Margrethe; and great-aunts, Queen Anne-Marie of Greece and Princess Benedikte were confirmed there, as well. Prince Felix’s confirmation will take place exactly 62 years after his grandmother’s.

Prince Nikolai, Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg, Prince Henrik, Prince Felix, Princess Athena, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie. © Steen Brogaard, Kongehuset

Felix, who is eighth in line to the Danish throne, was born on 22 July 2002 in the Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. At the time of his birth, he was fourth in line to succeed his grandmother.

Prince Nikolai, Christa Manley, Countess of Frederiksborg, Prince Felix, Prince Henrik, Prince Joachim, Queen Margrethe, Princess Marie, Princess Athena and Prince Henrik. © Steen Brogaard, Kongehuset

He was christened at Møgeltønder Church on 4 October 2002 with his maternal aunt, Martina Bent and friends of his parents, Count Christian Ahlefeldt-Laurvig, Oscar Davidsen Siesbye, Damian Sibley and Annick Boel selected to serve as godparents.

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