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PETA urges the Danish royals to go fur-free

The Danish Royal Family has recently come under fire for wearing outfits made of seal fur. In particular, the Crown Prince Couple and their children wore these fur outfits for new Christmas stamps.

According to the United Kingdom branch of PETA, “The royals’ use of seal fur in a commemorative photo shows that they’re out of touch with the modern consensus that wearing animal fur is unnecessary, cruel, and unfashionable.”

Royal Central has reported on the fur-wearing Danish royals in a few recent posts where their actions or dress have outraged animal advocates.

The seals are killed for their skins, and according to PETA, the foxes and minks are, after a life lived trapped in a cage, cruelly executed.

With the abundance of faux-fur options, one can still appear fashionable and stylish without animals losing their lives. There’s no excuse to abuse and murder these animals. The animal rights organisation has sent the Danish royals faux-fur clothing options, saying, “We’ve sent Crown Princess Mary a warm faux-fur scarf, along with mittens for Princess Josephine and a collar for Princess Isabella. The men of the family – Crown Prince Frederik, Prince Vincent, and Prince Christian – will receive faux-fur hats.”

PETA hopes the Danish royals will consider other man-made options instead of turning to slaughtering animals for fulfilling their fashion wardrobes, “With these stylish alternatives, we hope that Denmark’s royals will turn their backs on real fur and choose kinder animal-free alternatives.”

Most recently, the family was criticised for laying out slaughtered deer on the front lawn of their royal palace. This is a hunting tradition where the royals approve the deer that have been killed.

The Crown Prince Couple had their young twins with them as they, along with the Queen, observed the several deer being laid out on their lawn.

What do you think of the royals wearing fur? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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