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Danish royals to donate 750,000 KR to help “Children Without a Home”

The Danish Royal Family has remained a constant in the focus of worldwide need and the necessity that is handed to world leaders to step up and shine the light on cases of interest the world over. Danish royals have, over the years, made sure that their country is a part of the global effort to see good prevail among the nations abroad.

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark has herself put her mark on the world’s stage to influence women’s rights and visit refugee camps in Ethiopia, just to name a few. Even her wedding to Crown Prince Frederik was marked by a significant raising of funds which resulted in the creation of the Mary Foundation intended to give back to the people of Denmark.

Over the years, the Danish Royal Family has seen to it that amounts of money are put at the disposal of those who might properly need it through special organised funds. Nine direct funds exist as a part of this effort including the Queen Margarethe and Prince Henrik Fund, His Royal Highness Prince Henrik Fund, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary Fund, and the Nikolai and Felix Foundation.

Each year it seems that the charitable giving extended from these funds expands. For example, in 2017 alone, Crown Prince Frederik’s and Crown Princess Mary’s Fund donated 250,000 Danish kroner to the collection. That is an increase from 10,000 kroner in 2007 when the Denmark Collection first began.

To mark the year 2018, both funds of Queen Margarethe and Prince Henrik and Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary will be donating 750,000 kroner to this year’s Denmark Collection for the purpose of aiding children who have no place to call home.

Queen Margarethe and Prince Henrik’s fund which focuses on substantial efforts in culture and science will be donating 500,000 kroner while Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary’s fund, which remains focused mainly on humanitarian, social, scientific, and charitable causes, will be donating 250,000 kroner in total aid.

Since 2007, Denmark’s Collection has strived to support worldwide relief to countries and societies struggling economically. Namely, it seeks to assist areas of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. According to the UN, nearly 150 million children remain homeless worldwide. With the aid of the Danish Royal Family’s generous contributions, hope remains that this trend will decline with time and further global assistance.

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