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Danish Queen and Crown Prince Couple attend Honours Dinner

Following the unexpected and unfortunate passing of Prince Henrik of Denmark, the husband of Queen Margrethe II, Queen Margrethe travelled to Norway for two weeks on her traditional winter holiday.

During her tenure in Norway, the Queen was unable to visit with close friends Queen Sonja and King Harald but experienced a chilling Norwegian winter holiday before her reported return to Denmark on 11 March. Crown Prince Frederik was regent in her absence.

Upon Queen Margrethe’s return home, duty called immediately for the monarch as she attended a dinner honouring members of the Danish military.

Denmark’s Crown Prince Couple, Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik were also in attendance at the formal dinner which marks the first state function since the death of Prince Henrik in February. Crown Prince Frederik as Chief of the Air Force was seen in his full military regalia of proper representation of his rank.

The dinner celebration, which included the Army, Navy, and Air Force, was held at the Fredensborg Palace on the island of Zealand with thirty individuals in attendance, twenty-four of whom are officers in the Danish defence and Air Force who were recognised by the Queen.

These events come just shy of the expected end of the mourning period on 14 March. Everything continued as usual due in great respect to the fact that the dinner took place on the Queen’s late father, Frederik IX’s birthday on 11 March and is rich in tradition. Therefore, the Queen has chosen to carry on with the dinner event despite the sombre happenings of recent.

The signature mark of Denmark’s Air Force and Navy were first instigated by Queen Margrethe’s father and former King of Denmark Frederik IX in 1953.

Despite the rich tradition, however, it is reported that the event’s festivities were not as sprightly as usual in light of the passing of Prince Henrik earlier this year.

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