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Crown Princess Mary’s fashion twin – Crown Princess and organiser wear same dress

Perhaps next year they’ll call ahead to make sure they’re not dressed the same

Did Crown Princess Mary commit a fashion faux-pas at the Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize ceremony on Friday? Not necessarily, but she and one of the prize’s organisers showed up in the same dress.

“It is a thing you would rather avoid, but it is actually quite fun,” said Crown Princess Mary to the gathered media.

She and Nina Wedell-Wedelsborg wore the same dress designed by Britt Sisseck, although the Crown Princess styled hers with a wide blue belt and Wedell-Wedelsborg pushed up the sleeves on hers. The silk twill dress, called the Olga, has an asymmetrical hem and the pattern is called “ratti cream”.

Wedell-Wedelsborg told the media that it was entirely coincidental that she and Crown Princess Mary were styled the same.

The Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize ceremony was held at the Charlottenborg Exhibition Hall in Denmark. The prize is awarded annually from the Magasin du Nord Foundation to a new fashion designer as determined by a panel of international judges. The winner receives 500,000 DKK.

This year’s finalists included AF Agger, Clouds, Lærke Andersen, Randy Collection, and All at Sea and were announced in August.

At the time Crown Princess Mary said, as reported in Elle Danmark, “I am very interested in what happens among the talented Danish fashion designers.

“Denmark has a strong supply of talent in these years. I hope that the prize will contribute to the creation of another Danish brand in Denmark – and hopefully also internationally. A recognition of this size can really make a difference for a newbie designer.”

At Friday night’s ceremony, Lærke Andersen was announced as the winner.

Lærke Andersen’s designs, per her official website, are “heavily influenced by sportswear and workwear combined with current cultural movements.”

The brand seeks to “erase the boundaries between feminine and masculine, function and luxury.”

Crown Princess Mary is a champion of Danish fashion and is the patron of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. She was placed on the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame in 2016.

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