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Crown Princess Mary to cooperate with Canada’s “first lady” in new campaign

Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark will cooperate with Canada’s “first lady” Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, the wife of Canada’s highly popular Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. They will both play a central role in a new global campaign to promote women and girls’ political rights. They have both worked extensively with this problem earlier, as well.

It is the international organisation for women’s rights, Women Deliver, that has announced that Crown Princess Mary and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau will be two of the five well-known women who will front the organisation’s new campaign in the future. The campaign is named “Deliver Good” and is going to be a global campaign to promote awareness of the problems associated with gender inequality.

This information became known at a recent reception held by Women Deliver and their partner Deliver for Good in connection with a United Nations meeting in New York. Other notable women that also will support the new campaign are José Alberto “Pepe” Mujica Cordano, Uruguay’s former president and recognised UN politicians Dr Alaa Murabit and Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka.

Her Royal Highness has collaborated with Women Deliver before and gave a speech at a conference they held last year. On the website of the campaign, Women Deliver has the following written about the Crown Princess: “Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is a passionate advocate for health, gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls. She is committed to creating awareness, respect and acceptance of women and girls’ sexual and reproductive health and rights, including; access to family planning and the reduction of maternal and child mortality.”

In addition to the campaign having royal support from the Crown Princess of Denmark, the campaign is also supported by nearly 200 organisations and 56 states. So far 34 ministers and 85 parliamentarians have agreed to be involved in the critical campaign.

  • UF

    Oskar hasn’t read recent Canadian polls. Their former part-time drama teacher PM is far from popular lately.
    Princess Mary is a typical annoying modern feminist fool. This platform is nonsense. Like her.

    • GoBlue

      I’ll bet you never even heard of Mary before this article, but she happens to be enormously popular in her adopted homeland of Denmark. You betray your own biases when you denigrate “annoying” feminists.

      • UF

        Actually I know more about her than I should. I believe she’s from Australia. I think she and her husband met at an athletic competition. I saw HRH the Crown Prince weep in the cathedral as he awaited her arrival w/ his brother. It was touching. I know she’s very popular in Denmark especially because she worked so hard to learn the language. I know they had twins together and left the hospital each with one in their arms.
        I’m betraying nothing. My biases are on display openly. I believe in REAL feminists. But I’m tired of denigration of boys and men by whiny self-important women who can’t compete on a level playing field. Or at least a reasonably level one. One does not get ahead trying to climb on someone else’s back. Boys deserve as much attention as girls. Men deserve as much consideration as women. It’s supposed to be about equality. Fairness

        • GoBlue

          I know, poor baby. When you’ve been on top for so long, equality seems like oppression.

          Get back to us about how put-upon males are when the president is a woman and the majority of Congress, the Supreme Court, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Fortune 500 CEOs are women.

          • UF

            What “on top”. Men have been standing aside for women now for years. There are NO programs specifically for men of which I am aware. Those for women are uncountable. Forced “equality” is oppression. The president will be a woman when a qualified woman can win the office. Likely a conservative. Hopefully an American Lady Thatcher (God rest her good and decent soul). There are a slew of women in Congress, both parties, although the Democrats do make some of the oddest choices (Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Patsy Murray, Kamala Harris, Fauxcahontas Warren). That too is an elected position. The Supreme Court has three women likely appointed principally for plumbing as much as brains. Corporate boards are always on the lookout for females to elevate to high positions including CEOs. They don’t often last long. But that’s true of men. Those are highly demanding jobs and like male CEOs boards have little patience for poor performance, much like being a professional coach. Now the NFL is hiring women refs which is silly. It’s time for men to fight back. Enough concessions have been made to gender. If you can’t compete, you don’t get the position. If you don’t do well, you don’t keep it. Merit is the only fair standard. And if women can’t keep up, well, out you go, poor baby. And stay in your own damn bathrooms for crying out loud

    • Aquarius Anne

      I feel sorry for the women in your life.

      • UF

        Yeah, I’m not too happy for them either. I feel the same about the men in yours.

  • Catherine Mac

    Sophie Gregoire Trudeau is NOT Canada’s “First Lady” – she is the wife of the Prime Minister. Canada’s First Lady (to use the American term) is Mrs. David Johnston, the wife of the Governor General, who represents the Queen, our Head of State.

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