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Crown Princess Mary speaks to the Council of Europe

In her visit to Strasbourg, France, on 22 and 23 January 2018, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark presented an articulate speech before the Council of Europe. Denmark currently remains as chairman of the Committee of Ministers until May of this year.

The Crown Princess in her own words praised the efforts of the Council of Europe in its continued efforts to raise awareness and combat the lack of recognition towards matters of human rights worldwide.

The Crown Princess went on to emphasise that while much good has been done in areas of human rights, there remains work to be done. Most specifically, the Crown Princess emphasised the accomplishments and continued efforts needed to gain equality between genders.

Through the Istanbul Convention, the Council of Europe remains dedicated to combating gender equality and the mistreatment thereof through heartless acts of domestic violence towards women. Crown Princess Mary expressed her utmost belief in this project as an excellent solution to the issue facing many across the globe.

Also emphasised in the speech was a call to recognise the needs still in existence to treat the female population fairly and evenly in the workplace and on a global scale overall in light of the struggles of sexism still facing society.

The Crown Princess indicated that the Council of Europe has previously been dedicated to impacting this unfair standard for the better long before the ‘Me Too’ movement was begun. According to the Crown Princess, sexism remains one of the largest enemies to acquiring true equality; discrimination no matter what a person’s walk of life is not acceptable.

In regards to acknowledging the rights of the disabled, Crown Princess Mary said, “Less prejudice and more knowledge of their rights will enhance equal opportunities, improve the quality of life and independence of people with disabilities, guarantee their freedom of choice, full citizenship and active and full participation in the life of the community. In short, the equal opportunity as an individual to fulfil their full potential.

“To promote human rights is not only to defend them. We have an obligation to remind and teach each other about the principles and values that the framework for our human rights are built upon. This knowledge must not be lost or diluted. We have an obligation to pass it on to our children.”

In conclusion of the Crown Princess’s speech, a Danish girls choir delivered a song performance for the Council of Europe.

Crown Princess Mary also met with the President of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Michele Nicoletti preceding the talks.

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